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Welcome to Selah Wellness

In this ultra fast paced world, it is rare to have a moment where we are able to set aside the stress of the day for the sheer purpose of rejuvenating our bodies and souls.

​Massage therapy by Clint Hartwig at Selah Wellness, LLC in Vancouver, WA can do just that.  It is more than just being pampered; it is a path for improved health and healing.

Selah (pronounced SEE-luh) is a Hebrew word meaning to pause, rest, or meditate. It is often seen in ancient text related to music (such as in the biblical book of Psalms). It can also be used to link two phrases or thoughts together to show a cause/effect relationship, such as massage/wellness.

Selah Wellness & Massage Vancouver WA


Are you ready to tell life that you’re taking a “time out”?

Suffering from a Car Accident?

So, you’ve been in a car accident…

You’ve traded insurance information and the companies are hard at work getting your car fixed and bills paid, but what about you? Often more than vehicles get damaged in an accident. You may not feel it right away—It can take a day or two before you notice that things with your body just don’t seem right. The question is “what do I do now”?

Here are the steps I would suggest;

  • Contact your insurance agent and confirm that you have PIP (Personal Injury Protection) coverage. If you do, ask them to start a personal injury case.
  • See your doctor or chiropractor right away for an exam and referral for massage.
  • Make an appointment with a massage therapist that accepts PIP. They will understand all the necessary documentation and billing requirements.

Massage can help you recover more quickly from injuries sustained in an automobile accident by relieving the innate tension, relaxing the body (and mind), and providing the therapy necessary to improve range of motion more quickly following an accident.

Don’t needlessly suffer or mask the pain through medication—instead let me help you through massage therapy. Contact Selah Wellness, LLC and get back on to the highway to health.


Contact us with any questions you might have – we are glad to help.

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